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Sole-Allegiance Required

Immediately following the 2022 mid-term elections, Donald J. Trump formally launched his Presidential election campaign for 2024 by filing his Statement of Candidacy with the Federal Election Commission. At this dizzying pace, even Ron DeSantis; the newly re-elected Governor of the State of Florida appealed for everyone to just “chill out.” However, with 532 candidates already registered for President with the FEC, enforcing Constitutional eligibility for the Office of the President and Commander-in-Chief in 2024 as in the past, can be challenging; literally.

As the saying goes, history is a set of lies agreed upon. For context, let’s open a portal into a day-in-the-life of Congress in 1798 as they convened to deliberate the need for strengthening our nation’s security posture. The legislation being proposed was for amending the U.S. Constitution to require members of Congress to also be a natural born citizen, not merely a citizen. The intent in requiring sole-allegiance for members of Congress would align with that of POTUS, and prevent with the greatest degree possible the introduction of foreign influence into our National Councils.

In Senate, August 17th, 1798

WHEREAS, it is highly expedient that every constitutional barrier should be opposed to the introduction of foreign influence into our National Councils, and that the Constitution of the United States should be amended as to effect and secure, in the best manner, the great objects for which it was designed: thereupon,

Resolved, That the Senators and Representatives of this State in the Congress of the United States be, and they hereby are requested to use their best endeavors that Congress propose to the Legislatures of the several States, the following amendment to the Constitution of the United States. viz. That (in addition to the other qualifications prescribed in the said Constitution) no person shall hereafter be eligible, as President or Vice President of the United States, nor shall any person be a Senator or Representative in the Congress of the United States, except a natural born citizen, or unless he shall have been a resident in the United States at the time of the declaration of Independence, and shall have continued either to reside within the same, or be employed in its service from that period to the time of his election.

If a citizen and natural born citizen were the same, there would have been no need for the States to propose new legislation to amend the Constitution beyond what was adopted in 1787. And since this legislation and other recent attempts never passed, you may be eligible for Congress while at the same time not eligible for President and Commander-in-Chief! Like it or not, Barack Obama, Kamala Harris, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, Tulsi Gabbard, Nikki Haley, et. al., didn’t get the memo codified by the Founders in Article 2 of the Constitution.

While we are on the subject of hard truths and facts, even though the requirements for the Office of the President are enshrined in the Constitution, the actual practice of vetting and eligibility enforcement is de facto forbidden.

Róger Calero, born 1969, Nicaragua

Official Ballot

Ineligible Presidential Candidates

Official election results certified as true

and correct by the Elections Division.

As you can see, there is NO barrier to entry for an ineligible candidate to usurp the U.S. Presidency as evidenced from the certified official election results which included the tallied Presidential electors for candidates with dual allegiance and known to be born in a foreign nation, neither of whom are natural born citizens.

Georgia Representative Sean Jerguson

discussing House Bill 401

Presidential Eligibility Assurance Act.

Although previous efforts to enforce Article II eligibility have reached the docket of the U.S. Supreme Court, every challenge was answered with silence and repeated injury. This inability to enforce the Constitutional qualifications for President of the United States, Commander-in-Chief of its Armed Forces, and Vice-President of the United States is a threat to national security and should not be mistaken for acquiescence.

Article 2 Guardians welcomes you to join us in this call-to-action to support and defend Article 2 of the U.S. Constitution as we work to establish a legally binding vetting apparatus for Presidential eligibility.

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